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First time editing a video.

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This is my first video that I edited the clips weren't from me.
If you have any unedited r6s clips I would love to add it to the video.
Also give me some criticism so I know what to improve on my video.
I used to own the cheat awhile back in 2018. I'm gonna need to renew my
subscription again because these cheats are amazing.

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2 hours ago, zoK1 said:

Good video!

Make more!

Thanks wish I could make more but I don't have any clips for it I really enjoy editing and want to really get into it. I'm using premiere pro at the moment and trying to learn how to sync kills and shots to the beat of the song that's playing. So If anyone wants a video to be edited I'll try my best to do it with the song you want playing for free.

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just putting more info in

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