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Rainbow 6 Siege(Lvl1) Review for NEW Customers

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Second time doing this review because i'm a happy customer¬†ūüėÄ

SETUP + EASE OF USE [9.9/10]
+Super EASY* step-by-step setup guide
+Very SIMPLE in-game hack menu
+Truly UNDETECTED (ZERO bans since 26 Oct 2018)
+Price is CHEAP considering its undetected for so long and for its quality!
+Payment is INSTANT via the new bitcoin lightning network, no more waiting time required!
+Support team is always Ready & Available (Via Support button)
+No crashes

*Setup & troubleshooting MAY be a LITTLE harsh on less geeky/nerdy people & first time users

ESP [10/10]
+Clean & Clear ESP, does not clutter or block the screen
+Smooth FPS, does not suffer from FPS loss using the hack
+Distance ESP included to help you determine how far the enemy is from you
+Dynamic resize on ESP based on distance for easy gauging

For NEW-comers reading this review
My advice is if you come from ANOTHER provider or you have been banned before or you know that you are HWID-banned, please follow the "Fix System ban guide / how to unban yourself" thread and do a FULL WIPE of your system before trying out Hypercheats. Some customers come from another provider after they have been HWID-banned and after using Hypercheats they get banned instantly thinking that its Hypercheats causing the ban. Once again, NO, its not Hypercheats, un-banned since Oct 2018.

In any case, the support team is always here to help, just open up a support ticket and wait for them to reply.

Overall i give the cheat a whooping 10/10 for the best top-notch R6S hack i have ever used and will recommend ANYONE who wants to give Hypercheats a go.

P.S: Did not use the level 2 version before because i don't need an aimbot, the ESP alone is more than enough for me to be able to carry any ranked games to Diamond / High Plat. But please do subscribe to level 2 cheat if you require any aim assist :classic_cool:

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Can vouch for level 2 cheat,

Aimbot with smoothing will get you those headshots easily.

I wouldn't buy level 2 if you can aim though.

Also sometimes does not work on terrorist hunt.


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