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My rust level 2 review

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I've used it for a day now and decided to give a review.

I've been cheating in rust for years now and used many different stuff but due to my extremely bad luck all of them either stopped development or were constantly being detected.

So having tasted so many different software and communities I can say with good conscience this place is AMAZING. My experience so far was simply incredible. Everyone here from mods to fellow users are incredibly helpful and the quality of the software is top-notch. It runs butter smooth on my pc and all the functions work perfectly. I followed the instructions and got it working within 10 minutes without any problems. I asked some questions about the functions to the community and the moderators and fellow users helped me almost instantly. 

So long story short.

ESP 10/10

AIMBOT 10/10



I am planning to be a member of this community for as long as it exists. And whenever I have a chance I'll upgrade to the top tier just to support these amazing people that's how good my experience is. So if you're considering to buy GO FOR IT.

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Thanks for review buddy.

If i had at least 10 community members like you everyday, my lifespan could increase by a lot.

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