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GMR - Gathering, Grinding, Questing, Dungeons & more

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Hey guys, my name is Quantum and im the official profile creator of GMR!
So what is GMR actualy?

GMR is a bot for World of Warcraft (Classic & BFA) that requires either EWT or LuaBox as advanced Lua-Unlocker.

List of available features:

Gathering             • Grinding                 • Questing
Dungeon              • Battleground         • Buddy System 
Class Rotation     • Class Trainer         • Vendoring
Mailbox                • Profile Creator      • Mesh Navigation

So what do i do? I offer high quality profiles for:

Grinding 1-60 fully automated
Gathering (Herbalism & Mining) 1-300 fully automated
Top notch gathering profiles
More than 10 Dungeon profiles fully automated

Feel free to join our community! :)

Quantum Discord - GMR Website - GMR Slack - LuaBox Website - LuaBox Slack - EWT Website

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